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In addition to our in ground pools, we decided to offer an on-ground
pool to meed more of our customers needs.  Since 2005, we have
been installing Crestwood on-ground swimming pools.  They are
built with the highest quality materials in the above ground/ on-
ground pool industry, and recommend them over traditional steel
wall above ground pools

  • Pool walls are constructed of #1 grade, 1-1/2" thick
    pressure treated kiln and dried southern yellow pine.  The
    6" wide tongue and grove panels lock together to form the

  • PVC coated, galvanized steel aircraft cables wrap around
    the outside of the wall providing three times the necessary
    strength to support the pool.  

       "The result is an attractive natural wood wall that is far
superior to the flimsy metal walls utilized on most above
ground pools."

  • Coping is made of extruded pvc.  This material is non-
    corrosive and treated with special UV protection.  The
    inside of the coping receives the liner identical to most in
    ground pools.  This allows the liner to be replaced without
    disassembling the pool or removing the coping.  

  • On the outside edge of the coping is another bead
    receiver for the winter cover.  This allows easy installation
    of an attractive Crestwood cover without the usual hassle
    of wrapping a cable and tarp cover around an above
    ground pool.

  • The liner is made from extra heavy 20mil virgin vinyl.  It
    carries a 15 year warranty and comes in an attractive full
    print with tile border."

Construction Process

Typically a Crestwood On-ground  will be completed in 3-4

  • Day 1 - Top soil is removed and pool site is leveled.  
    Next, we construct the forms and a concrete footing is
    poured 14" wide and 6"-10" thick depending on the site.

  • Day 2 - The walls are set up, foam is then applied to go
    between the wall and the liner.   

A vermiculite/cement mixture for the pool base, the
same pool base used on our in-grounds, is mixed
on site and hand troweled.  

"Vermiculate is more expensive and time consuming pool
base and offers many benefits over a sand base.  Vermiculite
dries to a porous cork like texture that will cushion the liner and
keep rocks from working their way up to the liner.  It will not
wash away or shift over time as sand will.  Vermiculite is a
smooth permanent base and resistant to footprints.  It also
acts as an insulator between the pool water and the ground."

  • Day 3 - Liner and equipment is installed.   

The end result of our quality products and workmanship is an
attractive swimming pool built to meet the customers needs
and providing years of trouble free fun, recreation and luxury.
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